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Quotes to contemplate.

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2020

A couple of years back, during a harsh winter in the UK, I got snowed in for a few days. The cupboards were stocked, a wood fire was keeping the house warm, and I decided to return to the classics and binge - by that I mean re-read the books considered to be of seminal importance in the development of hypnosis. Most of which I read when I first got into the subject. 

Although there were one or two sources that I return to often, many were things I had not looked at for years. Reading them again in the light of 20+ years experience was an eye-opener.

I started with the work of three giants of hypnotism, made notes and eventually extracted 108 quotes from each, that I considered to be the most important, insightful or interesting. These were:

Dr. Milton H Erickson - Complete Works of Hypnosis
Dave Elman - Findings in Hypnosis
George H. Estabrooks - Hypnotism.

I looked for quotes that communicated the essence of their approach, quotes that gave an insight into their theoretical...

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Aaron Alexander - Interview

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2019

Recently I had the chance to interview Aaron Alexander. A legendary figure on the underground mystery performers scene. 

You can watch the full 45 minute interview on the Facebook page of The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy.


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The Bridge - Pushing someone over from a distance.

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2019

If you haven't already done so, and you use Facebook, check out The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy page there.

I just posted a video of me demonstrating The Bridge. This is a technique by Aaron Alexander, where first your pulse gets in sync with your participant, then your movements, and in this demo, you are then able to push them over from a distance.


I recently interviewed Aaron Alexander and that will be published in the next few days.

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"There is really no such thing as a hypnotist." Dave Elman. Findings in hypnosis. 1964

Dave Elman (May 6, 1900 – 5 December 1967) was a noted American radio host, comedian, and songwriter, and important figure in the field of hypnosis. He is most known today as the author of Findings in Hypnosis (1964).

On page one of his famous book he states, "There is really no such thing as a hypnotist."

But what did he mean?

It strikes me that this notion was an important one to Elman, given that it is stated so early on. Yet, when I have discussed it's meaning with other hypnotists, there is little consensus about what it means.

Some suggest it means 'all hypnosis is self-hypnosis', that the subject essentially hypnotises themselves, even if a hypnotist is present. Other's have suggested that it means 'everyone is a hypnotist', that the skill is already in our hands. 

While both points have some merit, if we consider the quote in the context of other comments on the page, it becomes clear that Elman sees the hypnotist as more of a guide, or what he...

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UK Hypnosis Convention - Keynote Address

UK Hypnosis Convention 2019 - Last night I had the honour of delivering the keynote address at the gala dinner to 230 guests.

It was a go deep or go home situation. In what was a lovely surprise my friend and chief howler Tim A. Cummins wrote an introduction to my work which Adam Eason read out.

In summary my message was encouragement..

- To assist those in our community, who wish to assist people in theirs.

- To create a practice, that is accepting enough that it can say 'yes to everything' that your client brings into it. Spacious enough to accommodate their pain, their discomfort, their self-doubt, and do so without judgement.

- To study. Not because we seek certainty. But because you wish to be in service to deeper levels of human flourishing.

- To be bold. Engage in self-hypnosis every day.

- To be curious. Test your assertions in the laboratory of your own life.

- To be hypnosis. Reveal your will to act and to shine a light on the possibility of a better future for...

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UK Hypnosis Convention - Phenomenological Control

Day 2 of the UK Hypnosis Convention was incredible.

It kicked of with Gary 'Smiler' Turner giving a high-octane lecture about dealing with 'anger.' Great structure, packed with info and a fun delivery. 

I spent the rest of the day in the main room with the academics. It was so much more dynamic than I imagined it might be. Absolutely professional, informative talks, all day long.

My old business partner Kev Sheldrake gave a whistlestop history tour of Head Hacking. Using it as a vehicle to illustrate the hacker mindset, the importance of branding, and of course the appliance of science.

Ben Parras shared a fascinating look at the concepts of involuntariness and effortfulness, bringingup some of the most interesting studies into hypnosis.

Dr. Michael Heap, gave a rare and  excellent overview of his work as an expert witness in court cases involving hypnosis.

The day however, was utterly stolen by Prof. Zoltan Dienes. He suggested we rebrand hypnosis as 'phenomenological control.'...

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UK Hypnosis Convention - The Self Hypnosis Laboratory

Today I gave my lecture at The UK Hypnosis Convention. Around 135 attended.

The topic was self-hypnosis.

In short the science suggests that we do not need to do an induction to respond to suggestion. And that we are in fact always 'on' and responsive to suggestion.

We can get better as subjects by modelling highly hypnotisable people.

Some of the references I shared with those who attended are below - including one of my favourite books 'The Psychology of Consciousness' by William Farthing, which you can find online for free.

References from my talk.

Creative Imagination Scale  - This is useful to self-assess your current skill as a subject.

The Psychology of Consciousness by William Farthing PDF - Read it all, especially the chapter on Altered States.

Read this for a great summary of psychosomatic phenomena.

Barber, T. X. (1978)....

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UK Hypnosis Convention - one day to go!

Actually it has started already, with pre-conference workshops.

Today Freddy Jacquin is running a new, practical workshop about hypnosis skills that anyone can use in everyday life.

Then tomorrow things really kick off properly, with three days of lectures. There are three tracks of lectures running simultaneously, so like a music festival, you have to make some hard decisions about which to attend.

I am on Friday at 10.45 with my new lecture 'The Self-Hypnosis Laboratory.'

Then on Saturday evening at the gala dinner I am giving a keynote address. Excited about that!

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Jacquin Hypnosis Academy Online has just gone live!

Monday, 5 November, 2019.

Welcome to our new home. Jacquin Hypnosis Academy has a new website and new online hypnosis training platform.

Please let us know your first impressions, and a little about your interest in hypnosis?


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