The Top Ten Street Hypnosis Videos: A Journey through Art, Inspiration, and Technique

For those fascinated by the world of hypnosis, street hypnosis has a unique allure. It's spontaneous, performed outside the traditional stage or clinic setting, and often produces jaw-dropping reactions from random people on the street.

Through the years, countless hypnotists have showcased their talents in this genre, pushing the boundaries of what's possible..

In this blog post, I'll walk you through ten videos that have personally inspired me the most, and charted the course of the art form. While they are not all strictly speaking 'street hypnosis videos', they all had an impact on the development of this scene. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, these videos will provide a comprehensive glimpse into the sheer variety and depth of street hypnosis. Let's dive in:

Paul McKenna - "Street Hypnosis" TV Show

A pioneer in the realm of TV hypnosis, British hypnotist Paul McKenna illuminated the magic of street hypnosis in a little known single TV special in the late-eighties, well over a decade before the street hypnosis scene came into being. Although I can no longer find the full show online, this particular segment with a supermarket cashier underscores how potent a single suggestion can be.
Watch the clip here

Mayajid - “HypnoSculpture” Romeo & Juliet

Master Win Maya-Jid's artistic take on street hypnosis is a true testament to the blend of aesthetics and technique. A personal favorite of mine, because of his attention given to the effect left in the viewers mind. This video spurred many to believe instant inductions were possible and to explore the art of impromptu hypnosis themselves.
See the artistry here

Richard Bandler's "Handshake Induction" Demonstration

As the co-founder of NLP, Bandler’s 'handshake induction' remains a cornerstone for street hypnotists. The profound impact of this simple technique is evident in this demonstration.
Witness the induction here

Derren Brown - “Mind Control” Series

Derren Brown, the British mentalist, has done numerous street performances blending psychology, suggestion, and illusion. The first two episodes of his first series, contained many inspirational routines, that, quite frankly, the rest of us are still catching up with. He is the master, so he gets a double-entry.
Episode 1
Episode 2

Anthony Jacquin - “HypnoSurvival”

My own foray into street hypnosis changed my life trajectory. The question asked was, 'Is it possible to survive solely on hypnosis for 30 days?' This video became the precursor to my book ‘Reality is Plastic’. In fact the title came from a spontaneous utterance I made after the 'Free Drinks from Denzel' routine.
Experience my journey here

James Brown - "Professional Opportunist"

James Brown's seamless merge of pickpocketing, magic, and hypnosis resulted in some truly mesmerizing performances. His signature style shines in 'Cerebral Steal' one of my favourite suggestion based effects of all time.
Behold the magic here

Magic Amit - The Trilby Connection

One of the busiest magicians in the UK, Magic Amit Badiani is also an incredible impromptu hypnotist. After learning hypnosis from my book, he later became a core member of the Head Hacking team and featured on our flagship street hypnosis training product, 'The Trilby Connection.'
Check him out in action in this fast-moving trailer.

Paul Brook - “Living Sculpture & Homage to Crowley”

Paul Brook’s ability to metamorphose street performance into art is uncanny. These videos capture the essence of his genius and both left an indelible mark in my mind.
Living Sculpture
Homage to Crowley

Chris Jones - "America's Got Talent"

Chris Jones stirred the pot with a daring act, hypnotizing the germophobic Howie Mandel into a handshake. It was audacious, controversial, and unforgettable, and created news headlines worldwide.
Relive the moment here

Zack Pincine - "Hypnotizing the Streets"

A decade after the street hypnosis scene kicked off, Zack Pincine erupted on social media platforms, his candid approach captivating millions on YouTube and Tik Tok. Often, generously showing his complete method from approach through to wake-up, you can learn a ton from studying his approach.
Enjoy one of his finest here. The reactions are priceless.

As you explore these videos, remember: street hypnosis beautifully marries performance art, suggestion, and traditional hypnosis techniques. This list is a mere introduction. Delve deeper, and you'll uncover an ocean of talent, innovation, and awe-inspiring moments that capture the essence of this mesmerizing art. Happy watching!