About Us

My name is Anthony Jacquin, and together with my father Freddy Jacquin we are passionate about sharing hypnosis and hypnotherapy skills with anyone interested in helping others achieve their potential. We do not believe these tools should be confined to doctors, dentists and therapists. Hypnosis is ultimately a refined use of communication, and therefore is just as relevant to a nurse, teacher, parent, sports coach or business leader.

Back in the 1990's when my father and I got into hypnosis and hypnotherapy there was not the abundance of courses and resources that are available now. We did the recommended training courses, and studied the best books available at that time, keen to get as much practical experience as possible.

As curious hobbyists, before going professional, opportunities to practice the techniques outside of those training courses was also a challenge. The internet was relatively new, and video calls and Zoom breakout rooms were still decades away.

Fortunately my father and I had each other. This meant that any experience we gained from the early sessions with the friends and relatives that we began to practice on were discussed and shared. Having just one peer to exchange and share with made a big difference to us.

Eventually interest started to grow, word spread, and Freddy went full time as a hypnotherapist in 1994 and I followed a few years later. We both ran our private practices for several years, seeing our clients and groups in-person, and both managed to build successful businesses with thousands of satisfied clients.

As time went on, a systematic approach to doing this work effectively emerged, and we began to share this approach with others. Now, in what seems like no time at all, we can reflect on the fact that we have been teaching hypnosis and hypnotherapy for 25 years. We remain as enthusiastic about this work as ever, and wholeheartedly believe there has never been a better time to be a hypnotherapist.

There are now incredible resources to learn from in every format, so you can study in a way that suits your learning preferences. Communities have gathered around these ideas, making meeting up in-person or online to practice and develop skills so much easier. Perhaps the biggest shift of all is that we now have the technology to do this work effectively online. This gifts hypnotherapy practitioners the opportunity to work with clients all over the world without having to leave their own home. It means they can work with groups without the expense of hiring venues. 

Taking all of this into account at Jacquin Hypnosis Academy we aim to be more than a training company. Our core mission is to connect people interested in this topic, and enable the conversation they have to deepen. Ultimately this deepens relationships, encourages collaboration, and provides a support network to be part of.

We have now had the privilege of teaching hypnotherapy on five continents, dozens of countries and to thousands of students. Hundreds of people from all walks of life have completed our Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma. The books we have written are some of the most popular books on this topic. And the JHA community is truly global, active and diverse. Our enthusiasm is undimmed and the future for the field is bright.