Jacquin Hypnosis Academy

  • Train with Freddy Jacquin and Anthony Jacquin.
  • Practical training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, live or online.
  • Be a confident hypnotist, and an effective agent of change.


Our live training courses will put you on the right path from the start, and enable you to develop your skills fast. We pride ourselves on making this subject accessible, easy to understand, and straightforward to apply. 

 - Learn how to hypnotise.

 - Become a hypnotherapist.

 - Live practical training.

 - Real work skills.

 - Hypnotise and experience hypnosis.



We have created an online hypnosis academy containing video lessons of everything we teach on our live courses and more.  This vast, and growing library of hypnosis training resources includes:

- Modern Hypnotherapy Course

 - Professional Hypnotherapy Course

 - Impromptu Hypnosis

 - Quit Smoking Protocol

 - The Arrow Technique



Therapists for over twenty years, with thousands of client sessions between them, and a vast amount of experience teaching, Freddy Jacquin and Anthony Jacquin are available for one-to-one mentoring.

 - Build a compelling vision. 

 - Execute a clear strategy to achieve it.

 - Work on your mindset.

 - Learn skills under guidance.

 - Do the inner work.


In-depth video courses

We are committed to providing the best hypnosis training resource online. 

  •  Access a growing archive of training videos.
  • Demonstrations, explanations and experiences.
  • Everything you need to be a confident and competent hypnotist.
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of products, new courses and discounts for just $47.00 (equivalent to £33.00)

Monthly Livestream Classes

Each month we host livestream classes and broadcasts where you can learn from us in real time and enjoy playback at your leisure. 

  • In-depth webinars about specific topics.
  • Watch experts in their field at work, as they solve problems in real time.
  • Live interviews.
  • Engage from anywhere via your computer or smartphone.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Our online training allows you to study where you want and when you want, so you can fit your study around your own schedules and commitments.

  • Work at your own speed.
  • Revisit and reinforce understanding.
  • Straightforward, systematic approach.
  • Content drawn from real world experience.

Join us! Jacquin Hypnosis Academy Online.

For over twenty years Freddy Jacquin and Anthony Jacquin have provided quality live training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. They share practical, real-world techniques, that they use in our own practice. Now you can access all of their course content here on video. You can access these resources for the cost of 'one dollar per day.' You won't just learn from us. You will train with us, any time and anywhere that you choose.

We will support you on your hypnosis journey.

Our mission is to make hypnosis tools available to more people. Whether you are a complete beginner, or seasoned professional we can help you achieve your hypnosis goals. 

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