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    • You've mastered the art of hypnotherapy. Now, it's time to amplify your impact
    • Dive into a world where you're not just a practitioner, but a beacon of knowledge
    • Learn to guide and mentor others on their hypnotherapy journey

If you aspire to elevate your impact by teaching others how to transform lives through hypnotherapy, you've found your next chapter.
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Our Goal Is Unwavering...

We are committed to equipping you with the knowledge and skills to instruct the art of hypnotherapy, transforming you into an influential hypnosis trainer.


Imagine you're in a meticulously designed, resource-rich, and nurturing teaching environment. You're amidst like-minded educators, all driven by a shared vision.

You connect with fellow trainers from across the globe, sharing insights, collaborating, and continually honing your craft. Every tool you need to excel as a hypnotherapy instructor lies at your fingertips.

Jacquin Hypnosis Academy has paved the way for countless hypnotherapists. Now, if you aim to transition into the esteemed role of training others, be it as a full-fledged career or an extension of your hypnotherapy journey, this is your launchpad to greatness.




đź’Ž Holistic Curriculum

You won't just learn to teach; you'll become a connoisseur of hypnotherapy history, modern science, and contemporary theories. Understand hypnotherapy from its roots to its future trends, giving you a robust foundation to teach effectively.


đź›  Hands-on Experience

Prepare for real-world teaching challenges with live classroom simulations, practical exercises, and interactive teaching methods. It's not just a course; it's an apprenticeship under world-renowned hypnotherapists.


đź’Ľ Business Acumen

This isn't just about hypnotherapy; it's about creating a legacy. Learn brand-building, course marketing, and session management skills that could significantly increase your income as you shape the next generation of hypnotherapy professionals.

Inspire Change

Ready to transition from a practitioner to a guiding force in the world of hypnotherapy education? Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to deepen your expertise and broaden your impact. Start your journey towards becoming a Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor today.

Unlock the Key Skills in Hypnotherapy Training

🎓 The Art of Effective Teaching 🔍
Engage, inspire, and enlighten with captivating lessons that not only convey information but transform your students into confident hypnotherapists. Our approach equips you with the teaching skills needed to connect with each learner, ensuring no one is left behind.

🧠 Advanced Instructor Techniques ✨
Go beyond the basics with techniques that even seasoned practitioners aren't privy to. We share our wealth of knowledge, expanding your hypnotherapy repertoire. You'll be prepared to tackle more complex cases and elevate your practice and demonstrations to the next level.

 🧑‍🏫 Classroom Management 🔄
Learn how to handle diverse groups, tackle questions efficiently, and ensure everyone stays on track. Our classroom management tips and techniques will help you maintain a productive and harmonious teaching environment, no matter the size or skill level of your class.

Freddy and Anthony Jacquin

Your Teachers : The Jacquins

We've dedicated decades to mastering and teaching hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We're not just vastly experienced therapists; we're skilled educators who've taught thousands of students across five continents.

In the 1990s, we started in a landscape devoid of abundant resources. But with each other for peer support, we honed our skills and built successful hypnotherapy practices. As we advanced, we systemized effective hypnotherapy approaches and began teaching them to others.

Over the last 25 years, we've witnessed the field evolve exponentially—thanks to technology, practicing and teaching hypnotherapy has never been more accessible. This accessibility extends to you as well, whether you're looking to start your career or take the next big step.

That's why Jacquin Hypnosis Academy is not just a training institute but a global community aimed to deepen understanding and forge collaborations in this exciting field. We offer the pinnacle of trainers' training, leveraging our experience to help you become not just a hypnotherapist but a successful trainer in hypnotherapy.

Join us on this transformative journey and become part of the next wave of leaders in hypnotherapy education.

A Few FAQs

Who Is This Course Designed For?

This advanced training is tailored for committed hypnotherapists eager to elevate their professional journey. Eligibility criteria include successful completion of the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy's Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma or a comparable course, along with substantial hands-on experience in client consultations. If you're prepared to amplify your impact in the field by becoming an adept trainer, this course is your next essential step.

Can I Manage My Own Classes After Completing This Course?

Definitely! Our program goes beyond merely teaching hypnotherapy techniques; we empower you with the necessary skills to effectively manage, market, and sustain your own courses. You'll leave fully equipped to take charge of your own training sessions.

How much does JHA Teacher Training cost?

Invest in your future as a master trainer with our flexible payment options. Choose between affordable monthly instalments of £199.00 for 10 months or unlock a 15% discount by paying the full amount upfront—just £1691.50. Either way, you're getting unparalleled value for a world-class trainers' training course.

Is There Support After Training?

Upon commencing of the core training, all trainers are granted lifetime access to a shared online platform. This is a space for:

  • Exchanging teaching methodologies and experiences.
  • Discussing and collaborating on innovative techniques.
  • Accessing a repository of shared resources, such as teaching materials, marketing tools, and continued education modules.
Can I See The Curriculum?

The curriculum of our Hypnotherapy Teacher Training is a comprehensive blend of theory, practice, and business insights designed to make you an exceptional educator in the field. It covers everything from the history and science of hypnosis to advanced techniques and classroom management, all the way to brand-building and course marketing. To get a detailed look at each module, visit our Curriculum Page.

How Long Is the Course?

The course is meticulously structured to include 70 comprehensive hours divided across 20 in-depth sessions, each aimed at shaping you into a master trainer. Additionally, expect to invest around 50 hours outside of the scheduled classes for practical assignments and self-study to maximize your learning experience.

Do I Teach Independently After the Training, or Work with JHA?

Upon completing our Hypnotherapy Teacher Training, you have two exciting pathways to choose from, and you can choose to take both:

Become an Independent Trainer:
If you wish to teach independently, you're fully equipped to do so! Our comprehensive training will give you the skills, knowledge, and business acumen you need to create and market your own courses. You'll be prepared to put your own unique spin on hypnotherapy training and serve your community or niche in the way that you see best.

Join the JHA Training Team: 
Becoming a JHA Accredited Trainer
For those who aspire to teach our esteemed JHA Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, we offer an additional 2-month training program at no extra cost. This intensive period is designed to ensure you can demonstrate and teach every JHA technique to the highest standard.

Why Consider Becoming Accredited?
Prestige: Leverage the credibility of JHA's long-standing reputation in the hypnotherapy community.
Quality: Assure your students that they are receiving training that meets JHA's stringent quality standards.
Support: Gain access to exclusive JHA training resources and ongoing support.
Fair Licensing Options:
If you choose to teach the JHA Practitioner Diploma, we offer reasonable and fair licensing fees. You have the flexibility to opt for either an annual license or a revenue sharing license, allowing you to select the option that best aligns with your teaching model.

Both pathways offer unique opportunities, and the choice is yours to make! Whether you decide to go it alone or become part of our extended family, or do both, you'll be well-prepared for a fulfilling career in hypnotherapy training.

Do I Really Need Teacher Training to Teach Hypnotherapy?

While the hypnotherapy industry is self-regulated, meaning a formal instructors training course isn't a strict requirement, it's a highly advisable step for those committed to excellence. Opting for professional training ensures you can deliver top-notch courses, build a solid reputation, and benefit from the wisdom of seasoned professionals in the field.

Here's why I believe our Professional Hypnotherapy Instructors Program isn't just 'another course.'

Firstly, teaching and practicing are two very different skill sets. You may be a fantastic hypnotherapist, but teaching requires an entirely new range of skills. From curriculum development to classroom management and from grading assessments to mentorship, you need a different toolkit to become an effective teacher.

Secondly, credibility. With a recognized organisation like ours, you're not just gaining skills; you're earning a credential that communicates expertise and authority. This can be invaluable when you're looking to attract students, collaborate with institutions, or even create your own hypnotherapy training school.

Third, advanced techniques and frameworks. Even if you think you know it all, the field of hypnotherapy is vast and ever-evolving. Our program includes the latest developments in hypnotherapy, backed by ongoing research and practice. This isn't just a refresher; it's an upgrader.

Fourth, Community and Networking. Our program gives you exclusive access to a community of like-minded professionals and potential collaborators. You also get opportunities to attend exclusive live training, events, and masterminds, where you can broaden your network and perspective.

Lastly, personal growth and transformation. It's not just about adding another qualification to your resume; it's about evolving as a professional and as an individual. The confidence, the leadership skills, and the ability to make a broader impact are intangible benefits that come from being trained to teach.

So, do you need another course to be a teacher of hypnotherapy? If you're serious about excelling as an educator in this field and making a lasting impact, my answer would be a resounding yes

A professional training offers a robust foundation that is hard to replicate through self-study or informal teaching.

Can I join the course at any time and complete the modules in any order?

Yes, our course is designed for flexibility. With 20 modules spread over ten months, you can join the course at any point and complete the modules in any order that suits you. This allows you to tailor your learning journey to fit your schedule and learning pace.

How Quickly Can I Expect To Start My Own Trainer Courses After Completion?

As soon as you complete our trainers' training course, you'll be equipped with the tools and resources needed to start your own training courses immediately. However, the speed at which you launch depends on your own preparedness and business strategy.

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