The Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor Program.

What You'll Discover:

We strive to equip our student-teachers with the tools, skills, and mindset needed to confidently instruct and inspire the next generation of professional hypnotherapists.

For Aspiring Leaders in Hypnotherapy Education:

Our course is tailored for hypnotherapists eager to transition into teaching roles.

Commencing with foundational teaching strategies, we dive deep into training methodologies specific to hypnotherapy. Uncover the nuances of instructing, from the basic pillars of hypnotic suggestion to the intricate details of therapeutic change. You will gain clarity on the rich history, cutting-edge science, and contemporary theories of hypnosis, ensuring you stand on a robust foundation to instruct and inspire those that you teach.

Engage in our vibrant learning community. In every lesson, you're paired with a fellow aspiring Trainer (your 'TeachMate') and joined in a 'TrainCircle', fostering collaboration, practice, and mutual growth.

This intensive is a seventy-hour live-online training program. Spanning 20 sessions of 3.5 hours each, interspersed with practical assignments that culminate in you imparting hypnotherapy knowledge to others. Delve into this transformative experience, mentored by industry luminaries, Freddy Jacquin and Anthony Jacquin, all through the convenience of Zoom.

Lesson 1

Foundations of Becoming a Trainer

  • Introduction to trainer training
  • The role of a trainer
  • Cultivating key qualities of an effective trainer
  • Exercise: Role-play introducing hypnosis and setting expectations for a teaching session. Reflect upon delivery and content.

Lesson 2

History of Hypnosis

  • In-depth exploration of key figures and their contributions
  • Influential figures in the modern era
  • Exercise: Teaching of a historical figure's hypnosis technique. Analyze the techniques used and their effectiveness.

Lesson 3

Understanding The Science of Hypnosis

  • Deep dive into the science of hypnosis
  • Learn how to access, interpret and share the science.
  • Exercise: Create a short video presentation explaining the evidence base and psychological underpinnings of for the use of hypnotherapy as a treatment for a specific topic utilizing research studies.

Lesson 4

Teaching Methodologies

  • Learn interactive teaching methods

  • Best practices for in-person, remote learning and online platforms
  • Exercise: Breakout groups practice teaching one of the " core four techniques" from the main curriculum. Debrief on teaching methods used.

Lesson 5

Curriculum Design

  • Designing a curriculum vs. individual lessons
  • Balancing theory, demonstration, and practice
  • Exercise: Design and deliver a short practical session on a designated hypnosis topic. Have participants test and provide feedback.

Lesson 6

Effective Demonstrations

  • Key principles of a captivating demonstration
  • Tips for live hypnosis demonstrations
  • Exercise: Participants demonstrate hypnotizing individuals and groups. Feedback focuses on clarity, pacing, and engagement.

Lesson 7

Supervising Practice Sessions

  • Role of a supervisor during student practice sessions
  • Addressing common student challenges and questions
  • Exercise: Supervised practice of "parts negotiation." Trainers-in-training observe, provide feedback, and address questions.

Lesson 8

Managing Group Dynamics

  • Understanding different personalities in a classroom
  • Facilitating effective group discussions and problem solving
  • Exercise: Group session practicing The Arrow Technique. Discuss group dynamics observed and handling different reactions.

Lesson 9

Advanced Techniques & Nuances

  • Beyond the basics: Advanced hypnotherapy tools and methods
  • When and how to introduce advanced techniques to students
  • Exercise: Introduction and practice of a new advanced technique (e.g., Multiple Parts work). Discuss nuances in teaching this.

Lesson 10

Ethics in Training

  • Addressing ethical dilemmas
    • The need for Supervision
    • Developing a code of ethics for your training programs
  • Exercise: Deliver a comprehensive paper or presentation detailing how you would address challenging ethical scenarios in training, backed by relevant literature.

Lesson 11

Feedback and Assessment

  • Providing constructive feedback to students
  • Assessing student performance and readiness
  • Create a rubric for assessment
  • Exercise: Mock assessment of a session for anxiety. Participants provide feedback based on set criteria.

Lesson 12

Teaching Technology and Online Platforms

  • Effective use of tools like Zoom for training
  • Engaging students in an online environment
  • Exercise: Online breakout sessions to practice "state management" techniques. Discuss challenges and advantages of the online platform.

Lesson 13

Establishing Your Training Brand

  • Branding, marketing, and positioning
  • Understanding your unique selling proposition as a trainer
  • Exercise: Role-play initial client interactions and integrating branding. Analyze consistency and effectiveness in conveying brand.

Lesson 14

Business Aspects for Trainers

  • Pricing, packages, and promotions for training programs
  • Scaling the training business
  • Exercise: Create a detailed launch vehicle, business plan, including revenue models and growth strategies, for your training business.

Lesson 15

Continuous Professional Development

  • Staying updated in the world of hypnotherapy
  • Encouraging lifelong learning in your students
  • Exercise: Analyze a recorded hypnotherapy session, noting areas of improvement and discussing recent advancements in the field.

Lesson 16

Trainer Self-care and Burnout Prevention

  • Identifying signs of burnout in trainers
  • Strategies for maintaining passion and energy
  • Exercise: Guided self-hypnosis session focused on self-care and relaxation. Discuss importance and methods of integrating this in teaching.

Lesson 17

Handling Difficult Situations

  • Addressing difficult students or situations during training
  • Crisis management in training settings
  • Exercise: Role-play challenging student scenarios, like abreaction after induction. Debrief on strategies used and alternatives.

Lesson 18

Building a Training Community

  • The power of community in promoting and supporting training programs
  • Building and maintaining a vibrant training community
  • Exercise: Organize a mini peer-practice event, emphasizing community-building and collaboration.

Lesson 19

The Trainer’s Toolbox

  • Essential resources, books, and tools for trainers
  • Continuously expanding and refining your toolbox
  • Exercise: Create a comprehensive list of resources for hypnotherapy trainers, and a strategy for keeping it updated.

Lesson 20

The Journey Ahead - Beyond the Training Room

  • Future trends in hypnotherapy and training
  • The role of trainers in shaping the future of hypnotherapy
  • Exercise: Visioning exercise where participants envision their future classes, drawing upon all learned techniques. Share and discuss visions.

Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony

  • Celebrating achievements, recognizing standout moments.
  • Committing to the journey ahead and setting a personal and professional roadmap.

Elevate the Art of Hypnosis: Teach with Passion and Precision

Dive deep into the art and science of teaching hypnotherapy, and not only elevate your own expertise, but empower others with the gift of knowledge. Whether you envision an independent journey or being a beacon of our esteemed brand, the path begins here.