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For Product Support Questions

Email: Contact [email protected] to get help fast with most things relating to products, access, billing and other questions.

For Hypnosis Questions

We provide support to our hypnosis students online via the our Facebook group.

Alternatively, if you would like to email us a question, please feel free. We will likely answer it in an upcoming episode of our Q&A Webinar.

Personal Sessions With Freddy or Anthony Jacquin

Both Freddy Jacquin and Anthony Jacquin are experienced hypnotherapists and are available for personal sessions. These can be delivered face-to-face or via video-call.

Contacting Freddy Jacquin:

Freddy is available for face-to-face at his private practice in Hull, and virtual sessions via video-call. To email him directly use [email protected]

Contacting Anthony Jacquin:

Anthony is available for online consultations, or depending on the location, for in-person sessions. Email him direct on [email protected]