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A couple of years back, during a harsh winter in the UK, I got snowed in for a few days. The cupboards were stocked, a wood fire was keeping the house warm, and I decided to return to the classics and binge - by that I mean re-read the books considered to be of seminal importance in the development of hypnosis. Most of which I read when I first got into the subject. 

Although there were one or two sources that I return to often, many were things I had not looked at for years. Reading them again in the light of 20+ years experience was an eye-opener.

I started with the work of three giants of hypnotism, made notes and eventually extracted 108 quotes from each, that I considered to be the most important, insightful or interesting. These were:

Dr. Milton H Erickson - Complete Works of Hypnosis
Dave Elman - Findings in Hypnosis
George H. Estabrooks - Hypnotism.

I looked for quotes that communicated the essence of their approach, quotes that gave an insight into their theoretical rationale, and quotes that illustrated their influences, or linked their work to other luminaries in the field.

I then dug deeper into the history considering the written work of 
Dr. James Braid, Dr. John Elliotson, Dr, James Esdaile and one of my favourites Hippolyte Bernheim.

I did the same for the complete works of Sigmund Freud.

Then moved on to influential therapists including Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir.

After that I considered the work of some prominent academics including David Orne, Nicholas Spanos and Ted Barber.

Again, 108 quotes by each.

Several other lights in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and hypnosis are in the works too.

The project is ongoing. I initially limited it to contributors who are no longer in the land of the living. As it progresses I will look at more modern works too.

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My hope is they will prompt some discussion, debate and connection.

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Have you got any favourite hypnosis quotes from any author or practitioner living or dead?

If so please share them with me?

Best regards,

Anthony Jacquin