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The Jacquin Professional Hypnotherapy Association enables continuing professional development and business success for those who have completed the Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma course.

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Professional Development

Monthly exclusive training.
Improve professional competence.
Enhance career progression.

Live online lessons

Deepen understanding

Practice in 'breakout rooms'


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Supervision Circle

Monthly meetings. 
Enhance quality.
Stimulate creativity.

Collective problem solving

Safe-space to debrief

Self-care strategies


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Business Development

Weekly business meetings.
Professional networking.
Collective strength.

Personal profile page

Marketing support

Technical assistance


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Grow in confidence. Be supported. 

We will achieve our individual goals through the unity of our community

The Arrow Technique Target

Get better


Every month we will deepen our knowledge and understanding of hypnotherapy by taking deeper dives into technique; learning the specifics of delivering for special interest groups, and niche issues.
The Arrow Technique Target

Get reflective


A meeting place of equals to share our experiences; to banish the fear of being vulnerable, and, together, to dive deeply, compassionately, and reflectively into our work, and self-care strategies.
The Arrow Technique Target

Get busy


We invest eighty percent of all associates joining fees into promoting our professional practitioner page. The rest is spent creating and maintaining our associates's profile on that page. As a group we will be visible.

Join us : Jacquin Professional Hypnotherapy Association

To join the Jacquin Professional Hypnotherapy Association, you should:

  • Have completed The Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma
  • Have an active monthly or annual membership of the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy
  • Pay an annual association fee of £125.00
  • Be committed to your continuing professional development

Our commitment to you is to provide ongoing professional development, business development,
and transformative supervision. 

Eighty percent of association fees will be spent on marketing the geographically searchable
Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners page. The rest will be spent maintaining it.

Jacquin Professional Hypnotherapy Association is not run for profit. It is run for our practitioners success. 

By studying, improving and marketing together, we have a collective strength way beyond what we can achieve on our own.

This is a unique association, designed to enable our unique community to evolve and thrive.

Be part of a supportive network of peers, dedicated to knowledge sharing, reflective supervision, and collaborative practice.

Join the Jacquin Professional Hypnotherapy Association