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OFFER: Join today for $1.00 a day.

Our intention is to provide the best hypnosis training available online. We believe our combination of demonstration, explanation, professional discussion and real-world therapy sessions goes some way toward achieving that. We plan to go further still every month, inviting our members to take part in live webinars, Q and A sessions as well as adding further resources, interviews and notes.

We also want to make The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy as accessible as possible, and for that reason are providing full access to everything included in the training platform for just $1.00 per day. That is around 80 pence per day in the U.K

For the cost of a chocolate bar, and significantly less than the cost of a cup of coffee you can invest in your hypnotic future, and develop both personally and professionally as a hypnotist. If you know the quality of our work, then this is the best value way to join The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy Online.

Monthly Membership $47.00 per month.

If you are new to our work, or would prefer to have a look around our online academy for less up-front investment, then you can do so for just $47.00 per month. Just like Netflix, you are free to leave at any time you no longer feel you are getting value from the online academy. 

There is no obligation at all. You can pay for a single month, consume as much as you wish to and leave.

Of course we hope you stay for longer, and continue to get value as this resources builds each month.

Join the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy Online for as little as $1.00 per day.

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