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Learn Professional Hypnotherapy live online.

This course will show you how to help others achieve elegant and rapid changes in their lives.

It will enable you to get qualified, insured, and provide a professional service.

It provides a clear approach for understanding and utilising hypnotic techniques for the purposes of:

  • Enhancing performance.
  • Getting rid of habits.
  • Changing limiting beliefs.
  • Losing fears and phobias.
  • Achieving goals.

The total commitment to gain your diploma and become a certified hypnotherapist  with us is 12 four-hour classes. You will have a team of fellow students to help you practice. You will meet fascinating people from all over the world.


Lesson 1 & 2
Learn the system. 

Introduces a practical system for conducting hypnosis sessions for therapeutic purposes.

In this module you will learn what hypnosis is and how it works, numerous inductions and simple practical techniques so you can confidently and competently hypnotise.

  • Foundation.
  • Set Piece in therapy.
  • Inductions.
  • Core phenomena.
  • Practical demonstrations.
  • Supervised practice.
  • Professional and ethical concerns.
  • Health and safety.

Master The Jacquin's Approach to change.

  • The Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma course is a comprehensive theoretical and practical training, delivered at weekends, via Zoom, in 12 lessons set over 6 months.
  • You will learn how to provide a professional hypnotherapy service and qualify under the guidance of father and son Freddy Jacquin and Anthony Jacquin.
  • The course is taught in a very practical, hands on way.
  • Learn from home via live Zoom calls, utilising breakout rooms for practice sessions.

Lesson 3 and 4
Get the toolkit.

Focuses on learning our practical system for hypnotic change.

In this module we will show you how to help others achieve elegant and rapid changes in their lives without recourse to lengthy invasive therapy.

The toolkit of techniques taught permits a brief, content free approach to showing people how to change the way they think, feel and respond.

  • A wealth of information on human behaviour, psychology and emotional states is provided.
  • Direct and indirect suggestion.
  • Parts work.
  • Conditioning.
  • Emotion work.
  • Time machine.
  • Supervised practice.

Study practice and apply.

The presentation of each technique begins with a practical demonstration, followed by a detailed explanation and practice drills.

Students will be required to conduct hypnosis inductions and therapy techniques from the outset, in order to build their confidence and gain experience. Between sessions students are grouped into supportive 'HypnoCircles' and assigned a 'HypnoBuddy' to continue the learning.

Upon leaving the training course you will be able to deal effectively and confidently with the wide variety of physical, emotional and psychological symptoms for which people will seek your services.

Lesson 5 and 6
Changing Behaviours.

Focuses on blending these techniques into an elegant and cohesive whole with specific reference to your client, so you can provide a personal and professional complementary healthcare service, safely and effectively.

Using a typical session for smoking cessation as an example we will ensure you are fully equipped to show others how to tackle problematic habits and responses they wish to change swiftly.

The course covers every aspect of providing such a service including considerations regarding who you should work with, how to take a case history, the pre-hypnosis discussion and customising the concert of techniques to the individual.

  • The Hub.
  • Intake and Case History.
  • Discussion regarding habits.
  • Establishing Hypnosis.
  • The Bridge.
  • Ideomotor Signals.
  • Smoking Cessation Session.
  • Supervised practice.


Access all of our resources and do the first class of the Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma for free.

Lesson 7,8, 9 and 10
Professional Applications.

The first half of this session focuses on using this blend of techniques for problems related to fear and anxiety
including phobia, panic attacks, general anxiety and OCD.

In the afternoon we cover our approach to dealing with weight and other physical issues.

You will learn anxiety, anger and stress-management techniques that really work.

The benefit to you is simple, you will have the skills to give you and others the edge in many personal and professional situations for the rest of your life.

  • Discussion regarding fear.
  • The Bridge.
  • The Arrow Technique.
  • Jacquin Phobia Cure.
  • The Symptom Path.
  • Physical goals.
  • Weight loss. 
  • Supervised practice.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

I have learned tools and techniques that finally make hypnotherapy practical and give me a wide variety of options for creating sustainable change in others. I could not recommend a course of hypnotherapy study more!
Scott Grossberg

I wanted to thank both of you for the seminar once again! It has inspired me to move forward with this as a career and I can't wait to change lives. 
Amir Karkouti

I strongly recommend the Diploma in Hypnotherapy. Having the diploma on my C.V. also lead to the job of my dreams working with businesses changing peoples behaviour at Agent, Management, and CEO level. The investment is worth very penny
Andrew Sillitoe

Lesson 11 and 12
Professional Practice.

Introduces and teaches techniques for pain control.

In the afternoon we introduce how to use this approach to motivate others to achieve their goals.

Advice is given regarding the business of running a successful hypnotherapy practice.

You will also discover how to use hypnosis in everyday life and for personal development.

  • Pain control.
  • Personal development.
  • Self-Hypnosis.
  • Marketing.
  • Business.

Vastly experienced practitioners to guide you

Freddy Jacquin has worked as a hypnotherapist since 1994 and has helped more than 30,000 therapy clients in his private practice and group sessions. He is the founder of The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy, and has trained thousands of hypnotherapists throughout the world. He created the renowned approach to chronic pain, 'The Arrow Technique' and is the author of the acclaimed book 'Hypnotherapy.'

Anthony Jacquin first learnt hypnosis from his father, and did his first hypnotherapy session in 1995. Since then he has worked with over 5,000 therapy clients, helping them change their lives and realise their dreams. He is the author of the the seminal book 'Reality is Plastic : The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis' and is in high-demand around the world, teaching and consulting others about this fascinating art.


This course is literally life changing. You will leave us able to change the way people, think, feel and live. Life will never be the same again.


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